me and my future

Posted: Juli 3, 2013 in Uncategorized

precisely at this time in 2013 I was in college majoring in accounting Gunadarma 6th semester. I hope when I graduated from that IP can Gunadarma happy with me and my family. and the same target power of gundarma is passed next year (hopefully not add to the semester)

after graduating from Gunadarma I had to get a job. probably a lot of people who dream of working in a high rise with wearing high heels and blezer but not for me. because I only dreamed of a job where I am comfortable working place that likungannya and organizational support to socialize well. and where the ideas cmerlang I can get out there.

and I also wanted a place I occupy later work can give me a decent salary sufficient to meet the needs of my life, and I can equalize my lifestyle as usual. because I am for the next 2 or 3 years I’ve wanted my own car with my own stnk the name. and I want a car that I bought with my own money.

I also look forward to a period of 5 years from now I already have a life partner who can be my husband, my priest, the father of my children, and people who will lead me into the heaven. maybe if my husband allows me to work again after I had children, I would probably work at home that I became self-employed. because then children, husband, home workers, and office all I can do from home only with the Internet network.

I would do that is a dream come true to work hard and diligently to earn money in order to buy a new car and for the ideals of the next 5 years I can only try yourself and pray to god that I want a man who could be my husband, amen.



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